Our Alumni: The Impact Youth Resources Had Made On Young Lives

"I owe so much of who I am to Youth Resources. It has introduced me to my major role models, my greatest and truest friends...and to myself. Through the programs, I have learned who I truly am. I now have peer support for my decision to stay drug and alcohol free. I have people who understand and support me always. Youth Resources has made me a better person and a better leader, and has brought me joy to see others happy, to volunteer, and to spend my time working towards goals that I believe in." (TEENPOWER Alumna)

The top 6 signs that you are one of Youth Resources' alumni:

Going to meetings at 5:55 a.m. before the sun rises doesn't scare you.

You could wear a TEENPOWER t-shirt every day for two weeks without doing laundry.

You've had the opportunity to serve as a juror in REAL juvenile court.

When you meet other Youth Resources alumni, you bond immediately.

Serving others is a way of life for you.

You are a leader!

Alumni Opportunities

As the YR programs and number of alumni continue to grow, so does the reputation of Youth Resources.

The evidence-based programs of Youth Resources are currently experiencing record participation levels by youth who are passionate about making a positive impact on our community and becoming stronger leaders! We need your help to continue making the Teen Advisory Council, TEENPOWER, Teen Court, and Make A Difference Grants programs available to these students who are making a difference just like you did. You can give back to YR to show your appreciation and say thank you for the leadership development and civic engagement opportunities you received through YR.

We look forward to your sharing of your time, talents, and treasures in the following areas:

  1. Make an annual or monthly financial gift because you know that without private support, YR programs would not be available to young people today
  2. Volunteer as an adult mentor Teen Court, Teen Advisory Council, or TEENPOWER programs
  3. Get students involved by bringing them to TEENPOWER Camps or applying for a Make A Difference Grant
  4. If your career or leadership experience would provide educational information or be an inspirational story for teens, serve as a workshop presenter at TEENPOWER or a leadership speaker at a TAC meeting

Alumni Advisory Group

Mary Arnold, Teen Advisory Council 2007-10

Julie Bowman, TEENPOWER 2003-06

Laura (Feagans) Kersey, TEENPOWER 2002-04

Josh Goldman, TEENPOWER 1994-97

Zach Kovack, TEENPOWER 2003-05

Kyle Lueken, TEENPOWER 2000-01

Jennifer (Elpers) Schaperjohn, Teen Advisory Council and TEENPOWER 1997-2000

Mandy (Ryan) Scherer, Teen Advisory Council 1998-2001

Kathryn (Kendall) Veldhuizen, Teen Advisory Council 1999-2003

Alex Zenthoefer, Teen Advisory Council and TEENPOWER 1995-99

Alumni Reflections

"I honestly don't know what my life would be like if I had decided not to go to TEENPOWER, looking back I now see it as one of the best decisions in life, whenever I have kids of my own I will encourage them to participate in Youth Resources programs, knowing that being successful goes hand in hand with them."

From Jordan Fenwick

"I knew, as a high school student, that I enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone at YR's TEENPOWER Camp. I now know, 8 yrs later, that YR didn't just teach me skills, but changed my thinking. It taught me that young people can make a difference. Changed thinking, built over time in YRs programs, can change the world."

From Julie Bowman

Julie Bowman

"I became involved in the YR programs because they were fun and I liked the people. It was not until after that I realized what the skills and experience would do for me. It has helped me in my position as Student Body President at USI and in so many other aspects of my life. I am thankful for my involvement with YR because I have learned so many resourceful skills."

From Jordan Whitledge
TEENPOWER, TAC, and Teen Court '07-'09

"YR helped me learn the leadership skills and altruism necessary to change the world for the better. It also taught me how to find other young people who are interested in service and positive activities, something I am sure to use in college."

From Evan Brizius
Teen Court '08-'11, TEENPOWER '10

Alumni girls

"Honestly, Youth Resources has shaped me into the person that I am today. Their programs and staff have instilled confidence, courage, and kindness in me. Without them, I would have not had the great chances to do things that I would otherwise have had no knowledge that they even existed. YR has given me a chance to discover my true passions in life- which I will be majoring in this coming school year at IUB. I owe the world to Youth Resources, its mission, its programs, and most importantly its staff."

From Kelly Brown
TAC '11, TEENPOWER '10-'11, Teen Court '10-'11

"As I look back at the activities of which I am currently involved, I cannot help think about the skills and opportunities that I can really trace back to my Youth Resources' experiences and how they prepared me for the future and formed into who I am today."

From Kathryn (Kendall) Veldhuizen
TAC '99-'03


"My memories from Youth Resources remind me that there are giving and selfless people out there serving in a wide variety of capacities. Youth Resources has provided a kinship for those of us who feel they can make a difference."

From Sarah Thurman
TAC '94-'98 & Teen Power '96

"Youth Resources is a large part of the reason I want to spend my career helping others. I can only hope to have half as much impact on those I work with in the future as the staff and programs of Youth Resources have had on me."

From Mandy (Ryan) Scherer
TAC '97-'01

AlumniAdam and Favene

"Teamwork was the biggest gift that Youth Resources gave to me. In college, I was forced to work in teams in every class I had, and if it had not been for Youth Resources I would not have had the tools to deal with different types of people and be successful in groups."

From Natalie (Mehringer) Morgan
TAC '95-'99 & TeenPower '97-'98

Phyllis and Tamara

"The Youth Resources programs gave me friendships and support through very challenging years. This, in turn, pushed me and guided me onto an early path of leadership. These experiences gave me confidence to move beyond my comfort zone and take on new challenges in college and since graduation. I have gone on to start new youth programs in communities throughout Indiana and I serve on Boards of Directors for other non-profits."

From Brian Dixon
TAC '95-'97 & TeenPower '96-'98


If you are an alumni, take a moment and let us know where you are.

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